Saturday, February 9, 2013

Deep Breath... Here We Go (Again).

Somehow, we're able to make time
for family fun & sunshine!
It's hard to decide where to pick up... after leaving the blog behind for well over a year now - knowing so much has happened... Hmmm...

Well, I guess I'll start with what is inspiring a new post after all this time:  A.) Pregnancy provoked insomnia and B.) a lack of a creative outlet among the chaos that is life.

Yes, that's right (I'll take it from the top, here)... pregnancy insomnia.  The Lynch family is, once again, expanding.  Expect the unexpected never rang so true.  We are terrified excited to welcome a new cooing bundle of joy in to our babeland.  ETA:  April 8th.

And now, the chaos... since I last wrote, we have done the following (in the best chronological order I can remember):