Saturday, February 9, 2013

Deep Breath... Here We Go (Again).

Somehow, we're able to make time
for family fun & sunshine!
It's hard to decide where to pick up... after leaving the blog behind for well over a year now - knowing so much has happened... Hmmm...

Well, I guess I'll start with what is inspiring a new post after all this time:  A.) Pregnancy provoked insomnia and B.) a lack of a creative outlet among the chaos that is life.

Yes, that's right (I'll take it from the top, here)... pregnancy insomnia.  The Lynch family is, once again, expanding.  Expect the unexpected never rang so true.  We are terrified excited to welcome a new cooing bundle of joy in to our babeland.  ETA:  April 8th.

And now, the chaos... since I last wrote, we have done the following (in the best chronological order I can remember):

I think I'll pick up sometime mid-Spring 2012.  Which isn't quite where I left off... but it's about as far back as my mind will travel working on pregnancy hormones and a sure lack of sleep.

Blood.  Sweat.  Tears.  Burritos.
- Thanks to the vision and generosity of a friend, I started a new venture as the Operator (General Manager, Creative Director, plus plus plus) of a funky lil' burrito joint called MAMBO :: Mission Style Burritos.  Seriously, come check us out - we're fresh, we're fun, and we're something that breaks the normal offerings locally.
-  In order to pursue this dream, I left my job at New World Bistro Bar (which was tremendously difficult because I truly cherish my NWBB family and all that goes on inside those exposed brick walls).
- I continued to breast feed the hungry lil' man well in to his 20th month.
- We enjoyed one night away from mommy/daddy-hood at moe.down 2012.  Amazing Umphrey's McGee set and, of course, the expected awesomeness from our friends moe.
- Days after finally kicking the breast feeding habit, enjoying many vodka-spiked sun teas at fore-mentioned music festival (whoops), and apparently relying on a surprisingly uneffective IUD... Terry and I excitedly found out we will be welcoming a sweet baby girl to our clan soon!
- I continued to work my ass off building MAMBO from the ground up and nourishing it during the inaugural months, ever grateful for my awesome brother who has been my right-hand-compadre for this entire journey.
- Over the summer, I caught a few Conehead Buddha sets (mostly during the day with Felix in tow, a few with the help of Grammie or Papa home taking care of the little prince).
- We enrolled Felix in a "school" (daycare) two days a week.  Sure, I shed tears on a few of the morning drives after drop-off (although he never did)... but we're really happy with our decision.
One Happy Family!
Ah. Ah. Ah.
- In October, we took Felix on a silly family trip to Sesame Place in Pennsylvania.  He devoured every second of it and we had SO much fun just watching him glow with excitement.
- I worried about my Grandmother Eleanor (one of my favorite women in the world) as she fought off several health problems over the course of the late fall and early winter... and then rejoiced as she pulled through.  Seriously, the gal has got moxie!
- Constantly, we are amazed by the brilliance, power, love, and innocence of our awesome little man.
- Felix's 2nd birthday was spent with a low-key Christmas Tree Hunting Adventure / Birthday Party at a favorite tree farm and then back at our place.
- We had a pretty quiet Christmas at home.  Well... accept for the drums.  Felix is well on his way to being the next John Bonham.  It wasn't my idea, but I really didn't protest because the kid's got natural talent (and a daddy that glows every time he bops his head or sings in tune).
42nd Street Marquee.
I <3 My Rockstar Hubby.
- As the months progressed and I got more in the groove of motherhood, I attempted to at least brush my teeth and get out of pajamas before noon most Sundays.  Most often, I failed.
- And most recently, Terry and I enjoyed one more night away from mommy/daddy-hood for a quick trip to NYC.  to see moe. @ the Best Buy Theater and so he could perform with his band, Conehead Buddha, @ BB Kings.  A lot of fun.  A lot.  Well, as much as I possibly could've had nearly 8 months pregnant... I wasn't able to drink any booze, but I damn sure put on a pair of heels!

... and that about brings us up to speed.  I'm sure I'm forgetting a handful of fairly important details, life changing events, and quirky lil' anecdotes.  Maybe I'll write again soon with a deeper version of any number of these things... but chances are, you won't hear from me again until baby #2 is in junior high.  Like I said, I barely find the time to brush my teeth.  I know I'm in for some serious exhaustion ahead... but isn't that what life is all about?  At least it is here, in babeland.  I wouldn't want it any other way.

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  1. Just popping by to see what's up. As little as some of us have written, is the same as me reading... LOL
    I hope you are enjoying your newest bundle. And her older brother. :)
    - Bryna