Friday, August 26, 2011

"Just a bundle of love..."

I've briefly mentioned my love for Ryan Montbleau Band on this blog before... but tonight, it reached new depths.

(Here's a sweet little video to get you in the mood to read the rest of this post.)

Monday, August 15, 2011

cruisin' craig & his classifieds.

I just spent 45 minutes of my very busy day craigslisting.  I'll never get those precious minutes back.  I could've given myself a pedicure, repainted that dresser I've had sanded for two months, or scrubbed the toilet.  These are all things that actually need to get done while my kid sleeps... including the pedicure.  It is sandal season and being a new mom is no excuse for these funky feet.

Who wouldn't be bummed to
miss a connection with one of you?
Bombers babes for life!
I started my tour de craig in the "for sale" section.  I spend a lot of time looking for funky "antiques"... but I usually end up in the "free" section when I can't afford the really cool stuff.  Occasionally I'll browse the real estate listings.  In my Lark Street days, I searched "Bombers" in the missed connections a few times, just to see how many stalkers were lurking on my hottie Bomber babes (I found a scary number of results... no, that is not how I met my husband).  Today, I ended up elsewhere...

I ended up looking at "jobs."

Friday, August 5, 2011

Who ARE You?

I've had a lot of people tell me, "I read your blog and..."

Then I look at my "followers" (to the right) and feel like the last kid picked at kickball.  Seriously, people... 6 of you?  Now, I don't expect to get Jesus-like status... but if a few of you would fess up and call yourself a "follower" I'd feel WAY better about spending my few precious alone moments blogging.

Please and thank you.
- The Management

An Update: Thank You, Dr. Ferber.

The last time I breached the topic of sleep I was a hopeful, over tired mother who had just let her baby boy cry for the very first time.  No... it wasn't the first time he ever cried.  It was the first time I sat and watched the tears and blubbering without rushing to his aid, arms outstretched and ready to kiss him all better.