Monday, August 15, 2011

cruisin' craig & his classifieds.

I just spent 45 minutes of my very busy day craigslisting.  I'll never get those precious minutes back.  I could've given myself a pedicure, repainted that dresser I've had sanded for two months, or scrubbed the toilet.  These are all things that actually need to get done while my kid sleeps... including the pedicure.  It is sandal season and being a new mom is no excuse for these funky feet.

Who wouldn't be bummed to
miss a connection with one of you?
Bombers babes for life!
I started my tour de craig in the "for sale" section.  I spend a lot of time looking for funky "antiques"... but I usually end up in the "free" section when I can't afford the really cool stuff.  Occasionally I'll browse the real estate listings.  In my Lark Street days, I searched "Bombers" in the missed connections a few times, just to see how many stalkers were lurking on my hottie Bomber babes (I found a scary number of results... no, that is not how I met my husband).  Today, I ended up elsewhere...

I ended up looking at "jobs."

I'm not really looking for a job.  I am pretty stoked about being a stay-at-home mom right now.  HOWEVER, the extra thirty grand a year I could easily be pulling in to our little family would certainly help afford a lot more funky antiques, diapers, and designer denim.  You know, the necessities.  Every now and again I get this itch...  an itch to go back to work.  Though I'm not even sure what job I'd "go back" to if I had the time.  I can't even name all the jobs I've had since I was fourteen...

Most of me thinks I'd re-live my days as a jet-setting event planner... except this time I'd be older and wiser and way less stressed out when I'd realize that Snoop Dogg won't die if I don't get him some goddamn towels for his dressing room.  Maybe now I'd actually enjoy my job instead of breaking in to secret panic attacks in swanky hotel bathrooms all over the globe.  

If pay weren't an issue, I'd go right back to being a teaching assistant - all the glory of helping the kiddies with no masters degree necessary... which I would have if I'd just complete these 3 pesky credits and an internship.  Then, I could be an art teacher...

IF I did, indeed, want a job.  Which I don't.  Right?

Well... unless anyone is hiring a new mom who wants to work from home and do something creative for a measly $50K... plus benefits... then we can talk.  Any takers?


  1. I hear ya on the job front... I do, but I don't want to work. But the extra cash would be nice. :-/

  2. Enjoy it. It is SO hard leaving Rocco in the morning to go to a job I'm not psyched about anymore. Being his MOM is my job now. But we need the health insurance and my income to qualify for a mortgage. We do what we have to.
    Enjoy it.