Friday, August 26, 2011

"Just a bundle of love..."

I've briefly mentioned my love for Ryan Montbleau Band on this blog before... but tonight, it reached new depths.

(Here's a sweet little video to get you in the mood to read the rest of this post.)

I did quite a bit of boasting about Felix's new sleep patterns.  I felt like I had gained renewed energy with each passing hour of uninterrupted sleep.  But just as quickly as this baby bliss began... Felix also found some renewed energy, which he decided to put towards waking frequently for nursing and cuddles for the past week or so.  We even started cosleeping again (which I didn't mind, but Felix really did get better sleep when in his own bed - and so did we).

Immediately, I felt my sanity slip away.  Tired and cranky once again... I found myself avoiding phone calls from friends, snapping at my husband, and even offering Felix less enthusiasm during play times.  I knew I had to get him back in to a successful bedtime routine... but it comes at a price.  There would be tears shed - both by my sweet "bundle of love" and myself.

After about twenty minutes of crying (in which Daddy and I took trips to calm and cuddle Felix many times), I thought... hmmm... I'm going to put on a little music.  During Felix's naps, I often put on some of my favorite music as I rock him or nurse him to sleep.  I choose mainly mellow stuff... like Amos Lee, Adele, and the Avett Brothers (that's just the A's).  The album that gets the heaviest rotation is "One Fine Color" by Ryan Montbleau Band.

"Stretch" (Track 2 - seen in the YouTube video I found, above) is quite possibly my most favorite song of all time.  Lyrically, it strikes a chord... rather, a heart string.  To me, it explains the struggle of a musician trying to "make it."  Not only do I identify this to my own talented husband, but I also relate to it as a musician... an event planner... hell, even as a mother.

Anyway... back to tonight.  I pulled up "Stretch" on the hallway computer, blasting out the iMac speakers so the tune would reach Felix's bedroom.  Immediately... quiet.  He listened.  Just listened.  No crying (at least not at first).  He let out a few whimpers, eventually... but all in all, he was totally asleep by end of the track.  Only a parent that has felt the weight of a hard bedtime cry can really understand how light my heart felt, watching him snooze peacefully to the soundtrack of my favorite band.

So I decided to pay Mr. Montbleau & Co. a little visit... on the Internet, of course.  Low and behold... he announced some new fall shows and will be in Saratoga in late September!!!  Now, the one thing I could use more than a good night's sleep is a good night of live music (without the baby in tow) and a few aged grape libations.  Sleeping baby and a plan on the horizon with plenty of time to book the babysitter (my own amazing mother)???  Sweet relief, times two!

P.S.  Coincidentally, I also saw that RMB will be hocking some onesies at the merch table!  Yes, baby clothes!  Hope they'll have one in Felix's size at the Saratoga show!  Nightie night.

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